Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What the FU..?!?!? The Lady Constables (1978)

Well, I'm back after taking a year off! New job, new baby, etc... I was still watching the Fu though! One of the flicks I watched was "The Lady Constables" (1978), and that's where this slice of WTF comes from! So without further ado...

Welcome to the second installment of "What the FU..?!?!?" WTF is it you ask? Well, it's a showcase of some crazy, whacked out scenes from various kung fu movies. You know, the kind that make you scratch your head and ask yourself "What the hell just happened?" Then of course you rewind, and watch a few more times before giving up hope of ever understanding. These are the type of scenes that I find most entertaining, and I hope you'll enjoy them too!

The Five Shining Pearls have been stolen! The escorts transporting the Pearls have been killed! "The Lady Constables" tells the story of Ti Yung Hing (Angela Mao), a sheriff, and Tang Lin (Judy Lee), niece to the chief escort, as they try to get to the bottom of the theft and murders. There's a male lead, Hung Yi (Wang Kuan-Hsiung), also involved in the investigation, who does not talk. Whenever he needs to speak, he pulls out miniature scrolls and unrolls them (to a great sound effect...) and they just so happen to have exactly what he wants to say already written on them! There's also one of the greatest scenes of mistaken identity/gender-bending ever put to film, as Tang Lin walks into an inn (in flowing pink robes and her hair all done up and girly) and everyone immediately mistakes her as a gentleman! There's just a ton of wackiness going on all throughout this movie. It's full of superhuman kung fu, crazy weapons, and a lot more weirdness! Check out the following scene from the final fight of the film, as Angela Mao does her impression of a Martial Arts Mary Poppins!


Buddha bless you...


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