Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kung Fu Time Capsule: The Evolution of Collecting Kung Fu & Asian Film

Head on over to City On Fire and check out this very informative and entertaining article on what's basically a time-line from the early 80's to present day collecting of kung fu and asian action films! Hats off to Mighty Peking Man for his hard work in putting this together. It really brought back a lot of memories on how it used to be!

Click the image below for the article!

"Because a man can see, he does not look..."

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kung Fu Humor: How NOT to Audition!

I'm pretty sure all of these (except the guy that back-flips onto his face!) are staged, but it's still pretty funny! Enjoy "The Worst Kung Fu Movie Auditons EVER!!"

What kind of wood is this??!?"

Some wonderfully horrible (and cheap!) ninja flicks from splice-n-dice master Godfrey Ho!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New DVD Releases: 5/11/10

On May 11th, 2010, Media Blasters/Tokyo Shock are releasing the following titles:

First off, "The Kid with the Golden Arm," a classic movie featuring the Venom clan, gets it's long awaited release on DVD. With Chang Cheh at the helm, you know what to expect... Good vs Bad, lots of gimmicks, and top notch fighting! Basic story, a large shipment of gold has to make it from point A to point B... with the good guys protecting it, and the bad guys trying to steal it. Well... as you can imagine this sets the stage for many confrontations involving a lot of crazy gimmicks and weapons. This is definitely one to check out!

Also dropping today from Tokyo Shock is "Deadly Duo" on the Blu-ray format (previously available on standard definition DVD). Classic Shaw mainstays David Chiang and Ti Lung star in this old-schooler also directed by Chang Cheh.

From the Media Blasters description:

"When a handsome prince is taken captive and guarded by a martial arts master, it's up to two powerful patriots to fight overwhelming odds. From the first fascinating minute to the final desperate battle to the death culminating in an unforgettably evocative conclusion - this duo is dynamic as well as deadly."

Kid with the Golden Arm opening

"You can take the gold now, I am going to get drunk..."