Monday, January 2, 2012

Kung Fu Time Capsule: Marquees and Admat

Hey everybody!  We're taking a trip back to May 1982, so let's skip down to the Deuce and hit The Cine 42 for a Billy Chong double feature!  Showing first we have "Kung Fu Zombie," an over the top kung fu horror comedy flick that sees Billy taking on ghosts, ghouls, vampires, and more!  Second on the bill is "Kung Fu Executioner," which sees Billy taking revenge on a criminal and his clan who murdered his father and family.  Here's an admat for that double feature: 

Next up we'll jump to 1983.  The Empire was also showing a Billy Chong double feature as well.  This time it was "Fistful of Talons" paired up with "Kung Fu Zombie."  "Talons" is another great display of Chong's fighting prowess!  Here's a picture of the Empire marquee from that run in 1983:

Interesting to note for you grindhouse and cannibal flick fans, right next door at the Liberty they were showing "Make Them Die Slowly" (AKA Cannibal Ferox).  In this picture you can see the bottom of the Empire marquee peeking out.  Quite the advertising campaign, huh??

I wish I had the opportunity to see all these glorious martial arts masterpieces back in the day, at some dingy and dank theatre...  But I'm sure glad I can watch them at all, thanks to many being available on DVD.  It's probably safer seeing them from the comforts of my own home anyway!

"Kung Fu Zombie" Intro

"Buddha's name be praised..."


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