Thursday, January 27, 2011

What the FU..?!?!? Matching Escort (1982)

Welcome to the first installment of "What the FU..?!?!?" WTF is it you ask? Well, it's a showcase of some crazy, whacked out scenes from various kung fu movies. You know, the kind that make you scratch your head and ask yourself "What the hell just happened?" Then of course you rewind, and watch a few more times before giving up hope of ever understanding. These are the type of scenes that I find most entertaining, and I hope you'll enjoy them too!

This clip comes from the movie "Matching Escort" (AKA Fury of the Silver Fox). Directed by and starring Pearl Cheung, and also starring Meng Fei, this flick is a real trip. Basically a revenge story, Pearl's parents are murdered, and she's taken under the wing of Silver Fox, who teaches her some strange type of LSD-laden psycho kung fu in his magical flower and smoke filled cave! She then sets out and learns her friend the Prince (Meng Fei) has been kidnapped. Pearl heads off to save him, and together they get their revenge! This movie's got crazy sets, costumes, action, and just an overall cool strangeness that must be seen! Well... this clip might give you an idea...

"Old Man.... Cow?? Peanut!!!" HUH?


venoms5 said...

I used to own the unofficial trilogy of these from TransWorld Entertainment. Great stuff. This second one was my favorite. If I remember right, both WOLFEN NINJA and this one under the title VENUS THE NINJA had the Sho Kosugi Ninja Theater intros. The third film, PHOENIX THE NINJA did not, I think.

As a kid, it sounded like the dubbers were calling the 'Peanut' character 'Penis' on a few occasions.

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