Friday, April 2, 2010

Trailer - Young Hero (1980)

Here's a trailer for the 1980 film "Young Hero" starring Hwang Jang-Lee, Tino Wong Cheung, and Kwan Yung-Moon. I haven't actually seen this one, but just seeing the trailer makes me want to seek out a copy. I loves me some Hwang Jang-Lee!

Hwang Jang Lee, best known as The Silver Fox from Secret Rivals, is up to his old high kicking games in this tale of revenge and counter revenge. Hwang Jang Lee is the leader of a local band of Japanese thugs whose only obstacle is Master Lok and his sons, in particular Loks fourth son who secretly practices Kung Fu. His skills eventually surpass his brothers and it is up to he and his father to stop Lee. The final fight scene alone is worth the price of admission.

Solid kung fu throughout the film with impressive acrobatics and skillful agility, but it's Hwang Jang Lees fine form and his high kicking that is the real highlight of Young Hero.

"Buddha's name be praised..."


venoms5 said...

This is a really good movie, KFM. My friend sells a nice quality DVD-R from what I presume to be the Transworld VHS. The colors are really nice. It makes a nice double feature with the HJL-Kwan Young Moon movie BLOOD CHILD aka 5 FINGERS OF STEEL if you haven't already seen it. HJL plays a good guy in this one.

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