Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Trailer - Ninja Destroyer

What we have here is a trailer for the 1986 Godfrey Ho splice & dice "Ninja Destroyer." Basically what Ho would do was film a few scenes of some weird dudes dressed in ninja outfits (usually sporting headbands that say "NINJA," in case we got them confused with the people NOT in ninja outfits I guess??) flipping around and disappearing and throwing things at each other. Most of the time, these ninjas would have authentic ninja names like "Mark," "Donald," or "Maurice." Anyway, he would take that footage and splice it into other pre-existing, already-crappy-enough films. The end product? A even crappier, even less coherent movie! This can be seen on display in the following video clip:

I really like this trailer because, for a movie relased in 1986, they gave it a classic 70's vibe with that boomy, echoing narration. And the movie is a laugh a minute riot. Horrible dubbing and dialog, NINJA headbands, breakdancer graffiti, it's got it all. I especially loved the line "I never trust anyone who'll double cross me." CLASSIC! Just remember, to keep from getting a headache, don't try to follow the "plot." Just watch in awe and amazement at the authentic ninjas and martial arts action! To avoid fainting, keep repeating "It's only a movie... It's only a movie..."

"Buddha bless you..."

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